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#Trending Spring 2017


Word’s in from NYFW and the tribe has spoken. Are you on board with the trends moving into warmer weather? I am. For the most part. Not sure how I’m feeling about all those hello-my-bra-is-out-there looks. Anyone remember this Carrie Bradshaw look in her “big” Big-Is-Back-From-Paris discovery scene? Let’s be real, before this girl is rocking anything like that, she’s absolutely going to have to hit Soul Cycle. Hard. And quite frankly, this girl is not the type to hit Soul Cycle at all. So, you get the picture.

Now, all that being said, let’s talk about the trends that I’m super pumped about.

1. Seeing Stripes

I’m all about big and bold. And majorly about breaking rules (only in fashion, I promise). I was always told not to wear stripes, because they’re almost always a great way to look a little bigger. Especially those horizontal babies. But eh, I say live your life. Stripes can often add texture to your outfit where there isn’t any, or even double-up already existing texture for a big statement look. As far as NYFW went, I loved how Rosie Assoulin mixed stripes, Rag and Bone went all out and bold, and let’s be real….Proenza Schouler‘s entire collection was gorgeous.

Below, I’ve compiled some of my favorite trickled down striped pieces:

2. Saying Something

Y’all. (It’s weird, I’m from the South, but since moving to LA, I feel like I’ve lost my lust for this word). I freaking love statement shirts. Maybe it’s because I believe fashion has something to say and it’s nice when it just comes out with it. I also think they look great paired with something unexpected – like a gorgeous skirt. I mean, your favorite denim is fine, but I like to spice it up. Statement shirts were crawling all over NYFW from Christian Dior‘s ‘We Should All Be Feminist’ shirt to Ashish‘s ‘Love & Devotion’ tee paired with (my favorite) a gorgeous, unbelievable piece of work we call a skirt. On a side note – anyone else reminded of the Hunger Games when they browsed through Dior’s RTW slideshow?

I’ll spare you the slideshow and tell you that I’ve been absolutely lusting over this shirt from It’s been in my shopping cart for about a week. I just have to pull the trigger.


3. Really Freaking Big Accessories

Like I said, I’m all about big and bold and I freaking love that huuuuuuge accessories are making their way into our wardrobes this Spring. I, of course, welcome them all the time. In fact, the bigger, the better. They’re a part of the outfit, no need for them to shy away. Definitely want to get my hands on these earrings from Rosie Assoulin‘s Runway and this Givenchy stunner. And…..these No.21 pom-pom babies.

Below, I’ve compiled some of my favorite trickled down pieces:

What are your favorite trends? Least favorite trends? Most coveted items?

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