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Time stands still and then one day it’s gone 

Where did it go? 

Where did I go? 

We couldn’t wait to grow old 

But I can’t fight the feeling anymore 

You know I tried 

I know you tried 

We’re still waiting to arrive 

I’ve seen Local Natives an almost inappropriate number of times just this year alone (let’s not even talk about years past). But give them a listen, they’ve got some great stuff.

How much is enough? How can you be sure of?

It’s something Kelcey Ayer croons in this song. And it’s something I think about it a lot. I get that this song is about a relationship, but I’ve been in a weird relationship with myself lately. I talk about it over and over and over again, that idea of a routine being safe but stalling. And how I want to break out of it. I repeat over and over that getting dressed is a way to do that. Just waking up in the morning, picking out clothes and deciding who you want to be that day. When I hear this song, it makes me feel a little bluesy then bold about halfway through when they really punch home the instrumental and the depths of Ayer’s voice.

I bought this Maeve Midi Skirt from Anthropologie, because I loved the colors and thought it was unique and fun. A piece, if you will. I bought it on a whim, because it was an additional 30% and I’d been eyeing it for a while. I love the swish and movement it has when you swirl (or twirl) around in it. I paired it with my Free People tank and went totally bra-less not just for side-boob awe (right, right), but because I wanted to feel free. Wanted to play around in my house, dance around and hit dramatic poses to the punctuated beats of this fucking song.

I kept my hair down and unruly, threw on my favorite pair of Mary Janes (because honestly, they’re a little too uncomfortable to wear on an outing and I like ’em too much to wear them out for the night), and kept the door open. To be clear, I have a wire door as well, but I’m still probably an annoying neighbor. Sometimes you’ve just got to get dressed and stay in – whip your hair to all that great stuff happening at about 2:57 right when that high note hits. I mean, let’s be real – how can you not feel something with you hear Kelcey Ayer sing anything? I think all of my favorite Local Natives jams are sang by him.

Anyway, an outfit with a feeling. A feeling of being free and bold. I repeat, as I do with every post, that every outfit should make you feel a certain way.

I got dressed last Saturday and felt productive for a hot second while I danced around.

You can too.


Shop the Outfit:

Skirt: Anthropologie (Similar

Top: Free People 

Belt: Thrifted 

Shoes: Thrifted (Similar)

(PS. This blog post was not sponsored by Palm Olive….at all)



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