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Maybe you know that it’s been too long

Going through the motions as you sing your song

Doesn’t matter who you are or what you’ve done 

Still got to wake up and be someone 

Still got to wake up and be someone 

Angel Olsen, Angel Olsen, Angel Olsen. You can listen to her here. And you should.

I firstly want to start out this post by saying I love these pants. The crop. The velvet. The little draw strings on them with the tassels that make me think of a fancy Arabian rug…or curtain. Just everything. I saw them and immediately knew (and was told by others) that I needed to have them. So….I bought them with reckless abandon. Now, with that said, I want to follow up by saying I feel like I’m a child who doesn’t deserve them.

I want to focus for a second on “adulting.”

What even is adulting? I feel like growing up I thought there was some weird threshold you were supposed to hit and BOOM, you were an adult. I’m not sure what exactly that threshold was supposed to be, but I always thought there was one. There would be just one defining moment when you knew you were an adult. Maybe after you graduated college. Maybe after you got married. Maybe after you bought property. Whatever. Let’s be real, I’ll never own property. But all that aside, I have to question…is there even a threshold?

How do you even know when you’re an adult?

What even is an adult?

Does it happen gradually? Or is there a moment when you know? I feel like 2 years out of college…maybe 3….see, I don’t even know…and I’m perhaps less advanced than I was when I was at UNC. I don’t buy my own shampoo or toiletries. Thanks, mom. I had to put all my bills on auto-pay because I always missed them. And you’re right, my parents help me pay my rent because I opted for a “fun,” artsy-fartsy job that doesn’t pay. I took up a second job. Not to pay bills (maybe a little to pay bills), but mainly to fuel my fun activities, which mainly consist of buying clothes. I know, I know. It’s bad. It’s all bad. Fuck adulting, guys.





Thought that might be an opportune time for a picture break.

Anyway, what I really mean to say is that I feel like the twenty-something-feeling-aimless struggle is real. Maybe I’m having a hard time handling the gap between starting and “being something” and that’s why I feel so transitional and lost sometimes and unable to move forward…no matter how many fancy candles, throws and decorative pillows I toss in my apartment. (Retail therapy is real guys).

But as I’ve said many times before, it’s all about finding something tangible, setting a goal and making it happen. Putting together Tiny Elephant over the last few months has been so helpful in keeping me motivated and pushing forward, if not over-fueling my retail therapy habit a little bit. I’ve never been big on planning, but I think that blogging requires a good deal of planning and it’s been keeping me on my toes in other areas of my life as well.

And when I think about this, it makes me think that maybe I am taking that step towards adulthood. Or at least, I look like one. *wink, wink* I think finding something that you thoroughly enjoy doing and finding time to set aside and master it is a tiny step forward. Do I dare say it’s the threshold? Eh, probably not. But it’s always nice to think I’m one step closer.

PS. Guys, this outfit is perfect for this breezy LA weather.


Shop The Outfit

Top: Similar 

Pants: Anthropologie

Necklace: Anthropologie, but now only available on eBay 

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    I understand this on a deeper level

    December 12, 2016 at 6:37 am
    • Reply Erica

      Yesssssss. I knew you would.

      December 17, 2016 at 12:00 am

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