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#NowPlaying: White Nights


Has it been a day or a week? 

As my eyes begin to close 

I am walking in my sleep 

Living in a state in between 

Do the signs begin to show 

See the eyes fare in the dark 

As they glow 

Sometimes you gotta move to some Oh Land. If you haven’t, click here.

I love this song. I think it’s got a great vibe and I love it’s driving back-beat. I’m a crazy lady and I work two jobs so I’m typically always on-the-freaking-go. However, a few weekends back I took a week off and had a weekend to myself so I took a little day trip to Santa Barbara. Luckily, I was able to shoot this dress while I was there.  I love the colors for the season and the detailing in the pattern, which I think make this dress a piece. Pair it with some solid boots and you’re good to go.

The dress is a little heavier than you’d probably think, but I’m okay with it. Because of it’s structuring, it’s also a little stiff in the shoulders, so if you’re between sizes, I’d size up. But all things said, I think the pros outweighs the cons. Especially when you’ve worn it during magic hour while exploring Knapp’s Castle while overlooking the vista of a gorgeous mountain range.

(While twenty million people around you take engagement photos)





Sometimes it’s nice to get out of LA and see some “fresh” air (literally). I’d actually only been to Santa Barbara one other time for work, but I’d love to go back and spend more than a day. We actually went to see the Butterfly Preserve, but I think it might have been a little out of season. I talk a lot about routine and I think it’s good to get out of it sometimes. Put on a new outfit. Get out of town. Break up the monotony of life, especially as the weather gets colder and the nights start sooner.

I like to pair my blog posts with a song that celebrates the feeling of the shoot. This song is all about being on the verge of something and knowing that you have things you want to do. And that’s what Tiny Elephant is all about – feeling like I’m about to break out of this weird rut and push forward. I know….it’s so hard being a twenty-something, right? JK. JK. But no….really. When you feel lost sometimes it’s hard to push out. I know music helps. I know writing helps.

But sometimes a maxi helps. I talked about it a lot here, but dressing yourself is literally the first step. Who do I want to be today? What scene am I living out today? Today’s scene? Oh Land is blaring in the background, I’ve thrown on this gorgeous maxi and I’m just hiking through the hills in an outlandishly inappropriate get-up. Because…who cares? (I can and I will). Sometimes you’ve just got to do it. With extra confidence and zest. Make a scene. Be the scene.

And take in all the freaking beauty. (Mostly of nature, but also of amazing people who help you take photos).





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