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#NOWPLAYING: Shut up, Kiss Me


I ain’t hanging up this time 

I ain’t giving up tonight 

Even if you walk around 

As though you think you’re right 

At your worst you still believe 

It’s worth the fight 


It’s been a rough week, guys. Click this to jam.

It’s been a while since I’ve felt in….utter despair. But that’s definitely how I’ve felt this week. There’s just been a lot of hate and really ignorant/(thoughtless?) remarks being made all over my social feeds and because I work in social, I can’t just turn them off and black out until I feel emotionally ready to dive back in. So, every day – they’re there. It’s really opened my eyes and made me think a lot about people that I thought I knew well.

I literally had a friend write a 5 paragraph Facebook status about how he’s sick of hearing how everyone should be equal, because everyone doesn’t “deserve to be equal.”

That’s upsetting stuff.

So, I’ve decided to think positive. If you’ve read my previous two entries, you know that I’m flip-flopping around in the blog-o-shere and haven’t still quite found my footing. Mostly, I’m writing through my feelings. So, in light of recent activities, I’ve decided to go through ‘Me: Right Now” and look ahead to the future. (I’m just going to casually gloss over me originally spelling ‘right’ as ‘write,’ like a good, 2-years-outta-college girl).

Me, Right now:

Listening to Angel Olsen

Wearing A ridiculous amount of Anthropologie. Fashion pants, guys. Invest.

Last Concert Kanye West’s St. Pablo Tour. For lack of a better description, I’d maybe even argue it was a religious experience.

Last Film How To Lose a Guy in 10 Days…because…just because.

Last Purchase Other than coffee, this gem from, you guessed it, Anthropologie.

Last Blog Update Casually combing through SEO and attempting to get my Site Index running. A loose comparison, but feeling a little Mr. Robot-y over here.

Last Trip Santa Barbara for a little one-day getaway. Actually shot my last purchase in a gorgeous mountain-scape and very pleased with the results.

Last Human Encounter Post-election Tiki Bar binge with my friend Jon, because it was 100%, absolutely necessary.

Last Meal Clifton’s Cafeteria for a spontaneous lunch trip. Guys, do it. Go. Go. Go.






Anyway, pleased with where things are headed. Like I said, I’m very happy with my last couple of shoots and I’m excited to share them as I travel forward. I know I keep talking about it, but I bought this ethereal maxi from Nasty Gal a couple of years ago when I was trying to assemble my moon costume. I casually stumbled into Free People the day of Halloween and found the maxi I ended up wearing (remember me?!).

Sadly, this piece is no longer available. Here is a slightly similar piece, albeit not white, from Urban Outfitters.

Every lady should own a slip dress. They’re simple, sexy and fun – even though this shoot and post are a bit moody. Whatever, they can be moody too.

Let’s move forward. Take a look at ourselves now, and make plans to improve for the future. Set goals, live life, band with friends. I know I will be.





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