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#NOWPLAYING: Foreign Fields


Lost in our mood, afraid to feel truth 

Succumb to your youth, melt into seclude 

Velvet touch to swollen brace

Languorous movements we both make 

Lithe perception, who’s to blame? 

Osculate until we break 



If you ever feel like lying on your cold floor, closing your eyes + listening, play this.

Ever take a trip somewhere and suddenly get very unsettled with your day-to-day when you get back? Yup, me too. That’s where I’m at right now, actually. I’ve traveled quite a bit in these last few months. Twice to North Carolina (aka. home) to do some dance choreography and more recently to Austin, TX for my second round of Austin City Limits. And every time I got back on that plane, I sat there and told myself I was going to make changes when I got back to LA.

Have I done that yet? Eh, not really.

Is this an article in defense of getting dressed in the morning? Maybe. There’s something about routine that I take a weird comfort in, while also feeling very constrained. Routine helps you manage expectations, right? But predictability can often lead to boredom. Recently, as a first step towards making change, I’ve actually been like, dressing myself when I get up in the morning. It’s easy enough to go through motions of putting on clothes, but it’s a totally different matter entirely to put together an outfit.

I’m a borderline clothes hoarder. End of story. I remember where every piece of clothing came from and I have a really hard time getting rid of memories. So, as a challenge, I’ve been making myself use a piece of clothing in my closet or my drawers…or that other closet… that I haven’t purchased in the last 3 months. You’d be surprised with all the pieces you find in there. From there, I sort of decide who I want to be that day. (Hint: It’s usually Mary-Kate Olsen *swoon*)

Sometimes, you get creative and use pieces that aren’t even actually clothing.

Hello Ikea throw blanket as a kimono.





Anyway, if you’re feeling a little ‘blah’ – try it. It’s been pretty fun to see what I’ve come up with over the last month and it’s even more fun tossing caution to the wind and experimenting with different daily looks. Obviously, I’m still finding my footing here in the blog-0-sphere, but it’s nice to know that maybe there are people out there that are sort of on a similar journey to self discovery with me.

However, my takeaway:

Don’t let anyone ever tell you that you can’t wear something. It’s not about the clothes wearing you, it’s about how you wear the clothes. Fashion Icons are only iconic because they broke rules or dared to do something a little different. So try it.



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Tank: Free People

Jeans: Urban Outfitters


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